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Located in Minneapolis, MN. is family owned and operated to give our customers a great online experience. We specialize in the care of "Endler's Livebearers" also known by their scientific name "Poecilia Wingei", a very colorful and peaceful tropical freshwater community fish originating from the waters Laguna De Los Potos North & South Lake of Venezuela. We also care for "Amano Shrimp" aka "Caridina Multidentata", a popular aquarium algae eater native to waters in/around Japan, India, and Korea. We also offer select plants great for starting planted aquariums. Floating plants like "Duckweed" and "Hornwort". Stem varieties like "Hygro Compacta" and "Water Wisteria". "Java Moss" and "Java Moss Carpet Pads". All of our stock is of a hardy species and will survive many types of tank parameters along as its consistent.

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